Russian Folk Dance Group Alenushka

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Who we are...

Russian Folk Dance Group Alenushka Russian Folk Dance Group “Alenushka” had its beginnings at Russian Community Center and was formed in 1998 by choreographer Anna Gromokovskaya and lead-dancer Rena Lisikova.And since that time has taken part in many cultural events in the Seattle area. It is a well-known group of women who love Russian culture. We touch the hearts of many Russian-Americans through Russian Folk Dances and Russian Folk Songs. Group performed at many ethnic events including NorthWest Folk Festival, Slavic Festival ...

What we do...

The repertoire of dances we perform includes:

Alenushka WA
  • Russian Circle dance (Horovod)
  • Russian Shawls (Russian Platki)
  • The Birch (Berezka)
  • Humorouse Dance Jester (Skomorohi)
  • Paranya
  • Kazachok
  • Gypsy Dance
  • Traditional Jewish Dance
  • Jazz
  • Daisies - Song and a Dance
  • Traditional Wedding Ceremony